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Lindsey Fuchs & Brendan Wise — Minted

Lindsey Fuchs


Brendan Wise

Lindsey Fuchs and Brendan Wise

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Our Story

Amidst the bustling college life, our paths crossed thanks to our wonderful mutual friends, Ali Hickman, Jesse Durfee and Tyler Craig. However, it wasn't until years later, when Brendan reached out on Facebook Messenger to wish Lindsey a happy birthday, that our connection reignited.

Our paths frequently crossed at an Irish bar in Dinkytown called Blarneys, or at the iconic Floco courtyard at the University of Minnesota. While the romantic spark took its time to ignite, Ali and Lindsey often discussed the admirable qualities of "B Wise." Little did we know that destiny had its plans, waiting for the perfect moment to unfold.

In September 2019, Lindsey’s parents were visiting Colorado for her birthday when a message from Brendan appeared on Facebook. She hadn’t talked to Brendan in three years so it was a pleasant surprise. She spoke of those same admirable qualities that Brendan possessed to her mom, who encouraged her to respond and see where it goes.

Facebook messages evolved into texts, texts into FaceTime calls, and calls into visits from Colorado and Minnesota. During a trip in February, we decided to make our connection official. Long-distance became our shared challenge, and despite the miles, the bond grew stronger with every flight and FaceTime call.

A significant decision awaited us, and eventually, Brendan made the journey from Minnesota to Denver, marking the beginning of our new chapter, accompanied by our beloved golden retriever, Beau. Though it was challenging to take the guy out of Minnesota, Lindsey vowed to ensure that the essence of "Minnesota Nice" would always be a part of our story.

Fast forward to a significant day on September 22nd when Brendan chose the same spot on the Lake of the Isles dock where he once expressed his commitment to moving to Colorado. This time, he knelt down and proposed, sealing our promise to embark on a lifelong adventure together. And so, our love story continues, filled with friendship, love, and the unwavering commitment to keep the warmth of Minnesota alive in our hearts.